MCSE Certification Paths

With Microsoft constantly adding, amending and removing exams, where exactly do you want to head for…….. and more importantly how do you get there?

The Aim

The end product of doing these Microsoft exams is to become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert. There are multiple ways to obtain an MCSE which I’ve covered below:

Certification paths
Certification paths

There are five main MCSE’s App Builder, Data Management & Analysis, Productivity, Cloud Platform & Infrastructure and Mobility.

How to get there

With all MCSE’s, you have to start with a MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate). There all many different MCSA’s spanning from Server administration to client management. Check out the link below to see what MCSA’s are on offer. Once you get the required MCSA which could be completing 3 exams, then you can go for the additional exam(s) to achieve an MCSE.

Full list here!

All these certifications aren’t as easy as you might think. All of them require at least 1 official exam if not more which are quite specific!


There are two other types of certifications which are on offer depending on which level your currently working at. These are MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) and MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist). MTA are designed for entry level candidates whilst MOS is aimed for candidates wanting to prove or improve their office apps knowledge.

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