SCCM | Installing an Application via TS from specific OS version

Adding applications into the task sequence can reduce the amount of time it takes to setup new devices for users. Ensure the correct applications are installed can be achieved by setting WMI queries on the task sequence step. To be more granular with the deployment you can specify which build version of Windows 10 can have the application installed. To do this follow the below steps:

  1. First of all note down the build number from a device with the correct version of windows 10. For my i wanted to know the build version number for Windows 10 1709. Open up config manager console and find the device.
  2. View the properties of the device:
  3. Your see theirs a column for ‘Operating System Build’. Make a note of this number as your need it in your task sequence.
  4. Edit your task sequence and open the step you want to amend.
  5. Head into the ‘Options’ section and add a condition:
  6. The condition you want to add is a ‘Query WMI’ condition. Add the following:
  7. The query is:
    select * from Win32_OperatingSystem WHERE Version like "10.0.16299%" AND OSArchitecture = "64-bit"
  8. The above will specify that the machine has to be running Windows 10 1709 and be 64 bit Architecture.
  9. Ensure to tick ‘Continue on error’ field as machines not running Windows 10 1709 will fail the task sequence.

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