Windows 7 | Office Communicator Configure Error

All be it an very ancient piece of software, some companies are still using Office Communicator 2007. Upon trying to edit a user’s communicator properties, it throw an error regarding validation:

Working through troubleshooting it came apparent that the issue was that the user did not have a SIP telephone number within Active Directory. To resolve the issue simply follow the below to insert a SIP number into active directory.

    1. First enable Advanced Features within Active Directory (Select View > Advanced Features)
    2. Find the user within Active Directory and right-click on the user and select Properties
    3. There will be some extra tabs appear, select the Attribute Editor


  1. Scroll down the list and look for ‘msRTCSIP-Line’
  2. The issue i was having was that the field only contained tel: but did not have a telephone number. I changed the number to contain something similar to:
  3. Saved and went back onto the Office Communicator Server, clicked configure and went straight in 🙂

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