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Month: October 2018

SCCM | Powershell Detect in User Context

When deploying applications to users there always comes a time when you need to detect an application is installed whilst in the user context. It becomes abit of an issue when checking files and folders exist in the users profile…

Group Policy | Set Outlook Default Font

There’s always a time when you need to set a default font within Outlook. Microsoft have made it really easy to set fonts for the rest of the office products but have seem to have missed Outlook from the list….

Group Policy | Disable Archive button in Office 2016/365 client

If your company has decided to take the stance that no archiving is to be allowed, it can be quite a long process to disable all access to the archiving within Outlook 2016. There are a couple of builtin settings…

Powershell | Configure Focused Inbox O365

One of the most annoying features Microsoft has enabled was the Focused Inbox within O365. Although you can configure transport rules to send mail directly into the focused folder it does open a possibility for missing, potentially, important emails. Managing…