Group Policy | Disable Archive button in Office 2016/365 client

If your company has decided to take the stance that no archiving is to be allowed, it can be quite a long process to disable all access to the archiving within Outlook 2016. There are a couple of builtin settings to disable automatic archiving but these settings don’t disable the main Archive button along the navigation ribbon. To disable the Archive button on the ribbon takes a different approach. Follow the steps below to put this in place:


  1. Create or amend a group policy and navigate to the following location:
  2. Enable the following setting:
    Disable command bar buttons and menu items
  3. On the ‘Show’ button enter the application button ID number (for Archive it isĀ 26308)
  4. Confirm the setting by clicking OK on the open windows
  5. On the test machine, log off and back on again
  6. Open Outlook the Archive button will appear greyed out

For other Office application ID’s use the this link

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