SCCM | Report Manager URL is empty

I had just completed writing a custom report when i went to import it and found i couldn’t access my report manager URL. I just received an IIS error but i could access the main reporting directory.

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I later realised that the Report Manager URL doesn’t appear here!!

I first tried the simple step of removing the role and re-adding it again but still no luck. I tried going into SQL reporting application and tried the report directory URL and that seemed to work fine. I figured out that my Reporting Manager URL was not configured and had to setup. To get the manager URL setup i followed these easy steps:

Time needed: 15 minutes.

  1. Confirm that the Manager URL is missing in the SQL reporting application

  2. Click the ‘Advanced’ button just right of the URL’s

  3. Create a new Multi Identity and enter the below. The URL will pre populate the last bit. We’ll change that in the next step as it will most likely conflict with the reporting store URL.

  4. Press ‘OK’ to confirm the settings. Back on the main Report manager URL screen change the name of the Virtual Directory (This will change the ending of the URL). I changed mine to Reporting but can be anything you like.

  5. Test the new URL. Open IE and enter http://<Servername>/Reporting

  6. Your Reporting Manager page should appear.

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