Client Security Health

This is one of the few projects I’ve been working on over the last month. This bundle allows you to deploy a Powershell script to gather information regarding your clients. This information includes Bitlocker status, Windows Update details, overall client information and Windows Defender status. The captured info is presented through SQL reporting and comes with multiple built in reports.

Although not finished I thought i’d let you see whats been happening. I’ve tried to use Powershell all the way through this mini project but there are some part where I’ve just hit a wall and needed the use of VBS.

Version 1 Operations

  • Easy to install SQL reports
  • Allows monitoring of system components
  • Includes reporting of Win Updates, Bitlocker Encryption, Client Information & Windows Defender
  • Scripted installer
  • Fully Editable
  • Uses MS SQL Express
Over Report
Bitlocker | Detailed Report
Task Scheduler
Overview Report

Download…… Coming soon!

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