SCCM | Exclude Update from ADR rule

With Microsoft Updates becoming more and more unstable, you can come across an update that you want to exclude from the Automatic Deployment Rule (ADR) so that any time the ADR runs the update will always be ignored.

To do this follow the below:

First of all find the KB number associated to the update as it will make it easier to find the update in the software update catalogue.

For this example i’ll use KB4499167 (May Cumulative update for Windows 10 1803).

Open your SCCM console and navigate to ‘Software Library’ and select Automatic Deployment Rules.

Right-click on the ADR you would like to edit and select Properties.

On the ‘Software Updates’ tab, tick the ‘Custom Severity’ check box in the upper pane and allow you to edit the lower pane. In the lower pane select ‘<Items to find>’ link next to ‘Custom Severity’.

Change the severity to ‘None’ and click Ok to apply the settings.

Navigate to ‘All Software Updates’ and enter the KB number in the search field. Right-click on the update and select ‘Properties’.

In the ‘Custom Severity’ tab change the severity to Low.

When the ADR next runs it will also look for all updates that do not have any custom severity. Any updates that you do not want being deployed, change the severity to Low and it will exclude the update. Be aware that if you have multiple ADR that could overlap to add the custom severity filter to that ADR aswell.

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