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Keyboard Shortcut | Snip & Sketch

Starting in Windows 10 1809, the well known Snipping Tool had begun its migration over to its replacement. Snip & Sketch is the new guy in town and accessing it is just as easy as accessing the Snipping Tool.

Snip & Sketch

Personally I find the UI a little cluttered but it offers that same feature that I frequently use, things like:

  • Time Delay
  • Picture Outline
  • Annotations

One of the newer features, is the possibility to use the ‘prt scr’ keyboard button to launch and capture screenshots without manually opening the Snip & Sketch.

I found it by opening Snip & Sketch and navigating to the ‘Settings’ menu in the top right hand corner.

Ellipsis > Settings

In the ‘Settings’ menu the first option your see is a link to enabling the ‘prt scr’ button within the Settings applet.

Link to Settings applet

On clicking this link your be directed to the Keyboard settings under the Ease of Access pane in the Settings applet. From here just throw the switch under ‘Print Screen shortcut’ and your good to go!

Settings applet

Now when pressing the ‘prt scr’ button im presented with the Snip & Sketch screen capture.


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