SCCM | Feature Update Download failing error 12002

I recently had an issue where by after a site upgrade our feature deployment just vanished. We updated from SCCM CB 1902 to 1906 and implemented PKI but i started to realise that the compliant percentage was not increasing.

After looking in some of the client logs and server logs i noticed that the deployment for the feature update had vanished and the feature update itself had gone from downloaded to no longer downloaded and had to be downloaded again.

Lab Environment

As you can see we’ve already installed the update on over 1000 devices.

So i thought i’d try and download the update again but kept receiving an error 12002 (Failed to provision update).

Error 12002

I checked the patchdownloader.log but it hadn’t had any entries within the last 30 minutes. Moving through some of the other logs, they were the same with no entries. Tried creating a new package but still the same error.

It was only until i checked the temp directory i found a separate copy of the patchdownloader.log

Temp downloader

After opening up the log it was obvious that the traffic was being blocked. My environment uses a proxy server and i’ve configured the use of the proxy server within SCCM. What was strange was that the daily downloads of Windows Defender updates and client and server patches was still working fine it was just this update that appears to be either being rejected by the proxy server or be routing in a different manner.

I checked the proxy transaction logs and nothing was appearing so as a last check i ran the below command to determine what proxy settings were configured within the system.

Proxy CMD

Just to confirm i added the proxy details in with the following command and re-ran the download and it worked!

netsh winhttp set proxy <proxy>:<port>

Just to make double sure, i reset the proxy and allowed the traffic out directly and again it worked. For some reason it was using the system’s proxy configuration instead of the proxy configuration configured within SCCM.


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