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With many companies wanting to move into the Cloud. Costing and monitoring of costs has become a particular point of interest especially with most services being paid for monthly. Azure like many other providers has its own built-in tool to help alert and monitor for costs reaching a certain point to avoid it spiralling out of control.

Budgets allow you to set a monthly amount but also an alert to notify you when reaching a certain percentage. Say we have one 1 VM and ideally we don’t want to spend more then £150 a month on the service, we can create a budget of £150 and configure it to alert us if the amount grows past 50% (£75).

Creating a Budget

  1. Head over to the Cost Management + Billing
  2. Select Cost Management from the left-hand side
  3. Again, on the left-hand menu select Budgets
  4. The main window of Budgets will show any existing Budgets. From here you can create a new Budget and also filter by subscription
  5. Clicking Add will bring you to the main window for creating a Budget. The first option allows you to change subscription if you have multiple subscriptions within Azure.
  6. Within the Budget Details and Amount will contain basic information about your Budget. For me, i normally change Reset Period to calendar Month instead of Billing month. I’ve configured my Budget to £150
  7. Clicking Next will take you onto the Set Alerts page. Enter a % which you want to be alerted and enter an email address which will be used to notify when the % threshold has been hit.
    The Action Group option is used when you want to carry out additional tasks when the threshold is hit as I haven’t configured any Action Groups I will leaving this as None
  8. Selecting Create will validate and create the new Budget. After its finished, a new entry will be visible on the Budgets main page also showing how much of the budget has been used


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