MS Edge | Search Results in New Tabs

I recently made the change and decided to move from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge. I’ve used Chrome for so long as I use to work within a G Suite company but with the constant stream of security vulnerabilities, data breaches and not so great performance, I thought its about time for a change.

I’ve enjoyed using Edge but one thing that’s frustrated me was the default settings. Every time I used Bing for a search and clicked on a link it opened a new tab. At first this wasn’t so bad but by the end of the days my entire Edge window was full of Bing search tabs!

So below if what I did to change this setting and free up some space:

  1. Navigate to and select the 3 horizontal lines to show a drop down menu
  2. On the drop down menu select Settings and then More
  3. Scroll down to the Results section within the top Search category. Un check the ‘Open links from the search results in a new tab or window’

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