SCCM | Export Index from a Multi OS ISO

Downloading a new ISO from Microsoft, your realise that the ISO actually contains multiple versions, for example Windows 10.ISO contains Education, Enterprise, Pro, Education N, Enterprise N and Pro N (N usually meaning the Korean version). I’ve notice two cons for deploying a Multi OS image: Applying updates can take longer as it needs to […]

SCCM | Set Power Scheme & Options in a TS

One thing that can really help a customers experience is selecting the appropriate power plan when building a task sequence. Enabling High Performance when needed can really improve the speed of the machine or setting what happens when the lid of the laptop is closed. To do this whilst building your laptops is really easy […]

Win 7 | Using Content Adviser to block specific URL’s

Whilst moving some group policies to local policies, an issue came up that we could no longer filter web traffic as the devices were changing network and were no longer going through our traditional proxy. With this setup only having a handful, at most, computers it wasn’t cost effective to purchase another web filtering product. […]