Michael Lecomber

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Win 7 | Using Content Adviser to block specific URL’s

Whilst moving some group policies to local policies, an issue came up that we could no longer filter web traffic as the devices were changing network and were no longer going through our traditional proxy. With this setup only having a handful, at most, computers it wasn’t cost effective to purchase another web filtering product. […]

SCCM | Creating a silent deployment Office 2016

Deploying office through System Center is a really easy task, quite simply because Microsoft have embedded a installer customization wizard to complete every task you could want to achieve when installing office. The below steps can also be used for a upgrade as the installer will remove the previous version and install 16 apps. Be […]

Powershell/AD | Show Full Names from Usernames

When exporting from certain applications, the destination format isn’t always acceptable. Although the script below is basic and can be extended on its show the method of showing users full names with their username input. The information is imported via a TXT file into AD, the username is searched in AD and then shows the […]

AD | Delegate Control to a user group

Delegating control of an OU or a branch of OU’s can be extremely useful in tackling accidental mishaps or security loopholes. Using Delegated Controls it allow administrators to set permissions for users to allow specific actions which they are assigned, on objects they are assigned. Although Delegated controls are relevantly easy to assign and setup, […]